About us

MBK Center is the Best Tourist Destination in Bangkok. We have created a wonderful shopping experience for Thais and foreign tourists for over 36 years. MBK Center is located on a 23 rai of land at Pathumwan Junction with the area of approximately 140,000 square meter comprising of a 20-story-office building and 8-story of shopping center, managed by MBK Public Company Limited.  

Distinctive Point

MBK Center is a one-stop-shopping destination under the concept, MBK MB COOL (MAX & BEYOND COOL). It is the center of super cool people for a new and modern lifestyle of Thai people.


MBK Center is here to create a new yet exciting experience with a wide variety of merchandise, services and activities for both Thai and foreign customers to come abc for more.

Let’s Get to Know MAKRUB and MAJA Mascots


Makrub (มาครับ) and Maja (มาจ้ะ), our cute mascots inspired by a respectful and friendly manner of Thai people. The mascots are designed by Khun Lolae Thaveesak Srithongdee, world’s famous famous Thai artist and illustrator. Makrub (มาครับ) and Maja (มาจ้ะ) mascots are waiting to welcome you to MBK Center everyday.

Awards and achievements



  • Received THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS 2022 “Top Business Strategy Award 2022” from ARIP Public Company Limited, Business+ Magazine
  • Received a recognition plaque for outstanding business establishment models from the Social Security Office.
  • Received Thailand Energy Awards 2020 for an outstanding energy savings building from the Ministry of Energy.
  • Received Travelers’ Choice Award 2021 from Tripadvisor.
  • Received The Best of Sha Award 2021 from the Ministry of Health
  • Received Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) Award from the Ministry of Health
  • Received a certificate for clean and hygienic public restrooms for international tourism from the Department of Tourism.
  • Received a certificate for standard safety and service in a shopping center for tourism from the Department of Tourism
  • Received awards for an outstanding business establishment for labor and welfare relations for 5 consecutive years from the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare.
  • Received Customer Review Awards 2019 from Meituan Dianping
  • Received 2017 Top10 People's Choice Awards Thailand from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
  • Received Service and Safety Standard in Shopping Center for Tourism Award from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.
  • Received Thailand Energy Awards 2017 for an outstanding energy savings building from the Ministry of Energy.
  • Received Thailand Energy Awards 2016 for an outstanding energy savings building from the Ministry of Energy.
  • Received the award for an outstanding business establishment in 2015 for labor and welfare relations from the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare.
  • Received ‘ESG 100 Certificate’ (1 of 100 listed companies that are outstanding for environmental, social concerns and Good Governance or ESG 100) from Thaipat Institute.
  • Received the award for being the business establishment that helps save water  in the “Help People Help the Country Save Water” campaign.
  • Received Service and Safety Standard in Shopping Center For Tourism Award from The Ministry of Tourism and Sports.
  • The first shopping center to receive Quality Management System Certificate or  ISO 9001:2008 for Shopping Center Service System.

Our Zones

Japan Town

MBK Center branch for all Japan lovers under the new concept of “MBK MBCool” that allows you to check out a wide variety of merchandise imported directly from Japan.

Mobile Mania

MBK Center is the center and a one-stop-shopping destination for Mobile & IT. The objective for the renovation of Mobile & IT Zone is to make it stronger and full of the widest section of smartphones and high tech IT and gadgets and to become No.1 shopping destination for cool gadgets and new high tech products.

Heaven of Foods

Never miss out MBK Center where we gather leading restaurants, sumptuous cuisines, and chic cafes as well as super cool hang out destinations with your friends and family right in the middle of Bangkok.

All Fashionistas

For all fashionistas, whether you like sportswear, formalwear, super cool fashion, or even ballet dance, MBK have them all here for you at our Fashion Zone. We have trendy streetwear fashion at affordable prices, just come to MBK Center.

Jewelry Market

Jewelry and Accessories Center is guaranteed with high-quality products from all over the region. Our Jewelry shops offer reasonable price, expert advice service and maintenance warranty for regular and made-to-order products in your own style which designed by professional craftsmen.

Souvenir & Craft

MBK Center gathered all souvenirs from all provinces in Thalland for you to shopping i.e. famous silks, Thai herbal balms, boxing trousers. Open daily and experience your negotiation skill. Make sure you write down the lists before you come to MBK Center.